Sample Logo Designs

Have us create a logo for you, or use your own. If we create a logo for you, we review your company name, font choice and desired colors and we then create a logo we feel suits your needs. If you choose to use either a logo we provide, or your own, you can change it at any time.You are in control.

Are You Ready to Get Started

Everything you need to start your own online store and manage your Massage Therapy or Day Spa website.

Startup$25 Monthly*Includes:
  • Logo Design
  • Domain Name
  • Website Hosting
  • Custom-Designed e-Commerce Website
  • Products ready to sell with no inventory purchase needed!
Get Started!

Supercharge your business with marketing advice, promotions and a Regional Google Listing for more visibility.

Entrepreneur$50 Monthly*Includes:
  • All of “Startup” plus...
  • Monthly marketing meetings
  • Free monthly promotions to your client mailing list
  • Google Local Business Marketing
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Put your company out in front of the pack and lead your competition with smart and focused marketing,

Enterprise$200 Monthly*Includes:
  • All of “Startup”and “Entrepreneur” plus...
  • Custom Monthly Blog
  • Google Organic Search
  • Marketing
  • Social Media setup and 4 Social Media Posts a Month
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
Get Started!

*A one-time $200 set-up fee is collected before your site is built. This fee covers our cost to manifest and host your new customized ecommerce website. This also allows you to cancel at any time without penalty.

Excellent Service

We support your website 24/7. Our network administrators monitor your site ensuring minimal down time. We handle all the maintenance and updates.

Quality Products

All the products sold through your website are certified organic and meet the highest standards of quality and purity. New products are added regularly.

Appointment Calendar

Your Appointment Calendar will support one, twenty or more therapists. Your calendar will allow you to schedule your day and never miss an appointment.

Custom Content

Your site comes populated with all the necessary content to launch your site, but you are free to edit the content and add pages as needed.